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CT Scanning

Experience the Benefit of Non-Contact 3D Volume Scanning

blade-comp3Difficult internal dimensions can be measured without the need to section the part. Measurement accuracy is improved by eliminating rough edges and human error that is inherent in part sectioning. Not requiring clamping or fixturing eliminates part distortion.


This allows for the measurement and inspection of individual components of assemblies or over-molded parts without the need to disassemble or separate the components.

Non-contact 3D volume scanning gives the ability to measure and compare part to CAD or part to part.


Non-contact 3D volume scanning also provides better traceability with retention of in-tact parts. Storage of the electronic 3D facsimile allows for future comparisons or measurements  eliminating the need to retain the physical part.

Create solid models directly from scanned part for reverse engineering.

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